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Your Donation Makes a Difference

Basic Needs

Many people in Haiti live below the poverty line. This not only means not having enough to eat, or an unreliable water supply, but frequently also unbearable sleeping conditions and a lack of basic sanitation. Life below the poverty line is dominated by a daily struggle for survival. Your donation means that we can ensure that the home’s basic needs are met. 


Many children in Haiti have not been loved and valued during their young lives. This often results in low self-esteem, and the country’s enormous poverty increases their feelings of hopelessness. With the support of our donors, we ensure that children in Haiti are able to grow up in a warm and secure environment in which they receive the care that they urgently need. This gives them a renewed sense of hope, as well as the motivation to make something of their lives. 


All of the children in the children’s home should receive a school education and practical training. In this way, children who once lost everything can become symbols of hope for the future and for their country. With our sponsorship program, we enable the children to go to school. Teenagers and young adults are involved in projects on site. And all construction work – whether major or minor – is carried out by local firms. 

Mési anpil! – Many thanks!

Mési anpil! – Many thanks!

Your support helps a child, a family, or a community. With your donation, you decide how many Haitian lives you want to make a difference to.


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Der Förderverein Kinderheim Maison des Anges mit Sitz in Sins, Kanton AG, ist eine anerkannte Non-Profit Organisation  und deshalb seit 1. Januar 2016 schweizweit steuerbefreit. 

Donation Certificate

In January of each year, the Association issues a donation certificate for the previous year in each case. You can submit this certificate with your tax return to claim a deduction. Please contact us if anything is unclear.

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