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Teenagers’ dormitory at Maison des Anges

This summer we are planning to create a separate dormitory for the teenage boys at Maison des Anges – something that the older girls have enjoyed for a while now. There are some 20 teenagers and young men, ranging in age from 15 to 20. Some of them have been at the home since they were three years old. They go to external school in the mornings, and /span>receive extra tuition at the home in the afternoons. >This is tailored to the individual as part of efforts to equip them as effectively as possible for working life.

At present, they sleep and spend their ‘quiet time’ in an area of the main dormitory separated by a makeshift partition from the 80 babies, toddlers, girls and boys who sleep in the same room. The situation is less than ideal for a number of reasons:

  • The boys disturb the children’s peace as they make their way through the maze of cots to their own beds.
  • The mix of both sexes and different age groups in the same dormitory causes problems.
  • The home urgently needs more space for newly arriving children.
  • The boys need a retreat that is appropriate to their age.
  • We are working with local tradespeople and the energetic support of the boys themselves to build the dormitory in the summer of 2017, above the new classroom units.