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New infirmary

The two poorly equipped treatment rooms for the babies and children in the home must be urgently renovated. There is a lack of medication and the simplest medical equipment such as an examination couch, blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, infusion accessories and much more.

We plan to renovate the rooms at the beginning of the new year. The new infirmary will then be set up and put into operation. In spring we offer education for our staff and childcare workers. Help us and donate now for the realization of the infirmary.

Help us to change that!

In Haiti, health insurance is not accessible to many. A seriously injured person must bring their own bandage, blood and rubber gloves to one of the few hospitals in the country. For women, it is one of the most dangerous places to get pregnant – one in 80 mothers die. 7 out of 100 children do not reach the age of 1 year.

Our goal is an independent infirmary in the children’s home, which is also open to the public. In four steps we want to transform the existing treatment rooms into a new infirmary for the Maison des Anges: