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Our projects


The two poorly equipped treatment rooms for the babies and children in the home must be urgently renovated. There is a lack of medication and the simplest medical equipment such as an examination couch, blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, infusion accessories and much more.

Solar project

Power outages are the norm in Haiti, with only a few hours of electricity per day. Although there’s a generator that can help, the price of diesel has risen sharply recently. What Haiti has a surplus of, however, is sunshine. A reliable power supply from solar panels will bring enormous relief.

School bus

In April 2018 we were able to buy a new school bus. The children are now driven to school every morning by the home’s own driver.


In March 2018 we got the news that a number of children had contracted tuberculosis. Swift action was taken on a number of fronts to avoid this highly infectious diseases being passed on to the other children.

Kitchen renovation

Cooking without an extractor for years on end had stained the kitchen black. An engaged couple enabled the “black hole” to be renovated into a modern, well-equipped kitchen by asking for money instead of wedding gifts.

New dormitory

A new dormitory for the older boys has been built above the classrooms. The boys previously shared a dormitory with the babies. Now, they finally have their own room to which they can also withdraw during the day for peace and quiet. The space that has been freed up goes some way to alleviating the crowded situation in the large dormitory.


A space in which to do homework, to receive coaching, and to learn – between toys, beds, and babies, the school-age children previously had nowhere they could really concentrate on their studies. Many donations made this new retreat possible.

New well

Previously, the children’s home had to buy in water, because the pipes were either broken or not fully functional. The home uses around 4,000 liters of water per day. To cut costs, we joined forces with local workers to build an artesian well.