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Safe transportation for the home’s school-age children

Purchase of a new school bus

At present, the 40 7–18-year-olds who are required to attend school are driven to a school 30 minutes away in old vehicles which are prone to breaking down. These frequent breakdowns mean that the journey usually takes longer than a half hour. Repairs are needed on an almost daily basis, which naturally results in substantial expenses for vehicles that are actually dangerous and fit for the scrap heap.

A breakdown on the way to school. Some 20 children must sit and wait in the bus.

The Nissan Urvan minibus is a tried-and-tested vehicle that is a common sight in Haiti. Although its 18-person capacity still means two return trips on each school day, the hazardous traffic conditions mean that a larger bus is out of the question. It would be ideal if the new bus could be used as of January 2018.

Nissan Urvan