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More sun, less diesel


Installation of solar panels

Environmentally friendly and renewable, solar power is one of the energies of the future. Haiti has more than enough sunshine, so it makes sense to explore this source of energy. At present, all of the power for the children’s home is produced using diesel generators. Electricity is needed for water pumps, lighting, fans, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, office equipment and air conditioners. Diesel costs, operating hours and service and maintenance costs thus add up to around USD 4,000 per month – an enormous amount that we urgently need to bring down. That is why we worked with a German-Swiss team of engineers which already completed solar projects in Haiti, and works with Haitian experts, to draw up an energy optimization strategy. 

Two-thirds solar, one-third diesel

Meeting all of Maison des Ange’s electricity needs using solar power would require very large storage batteries, which would mean high investment costs. The optimum combination would therefore be to generate two-thirds of power using solar energy, and one-third using diesel. This would cut regular diesel costs sharply. 

Local experts and labor

The project would be implemented using local experts and labor and a German-Swiss team of engineers. The older teenagers and staff at Maison des Anges would also be involved.
As many materials as possible would be sourced locally. The project can be realized as soon as the financing is in place. We hope that that will happen in the spring of 2019, and that the system can begin generating electricity that summer.