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Tuberculosis found in 8 of 12 children

04. April 2018

Tuberculosis has been diagnosed in 8 of 12 children who received medical attention at Maison des Anges. All of the other 110 children, as well as the entire staff, must be examined as soon as possible. TB is a disease of the poor, claiming two million victims around the world each year.

To ensure that all of the necessary action is taken, our actuary and health officer, Victoria Hansson, is traveling to Haiti, where she will assist the head of the MdA infirmary in managing this enormous challenge. Prof. Otto Schoch, TB specialist from the Lungenliga Schweiz charity, is on hand to advise us.
We rely on donations to pay for these medical examinations and all of the other follow-up costs, and estimate that these emergency measures will add up to some USD 10,000.

You have the option of donating online at . Our bank details are also listed under ’Donate’ on the website. Our heartfelt thanks for your support and your solidarity. We do all we can to ensure that our children and our staff remain healthy. ❤️