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Want an experience that will change your life?

Like children?

Want to get to know another culture?

Then working in a children’s home is just the thing!

More than 100 children live at the Maison des Anges children’s home. Many of them go to school every day and have homework and exams – almost like us. In addition to coaching, you’ll be looking after the babies and toddlers and supporting the staff when they need an extra pair of hands. Exceptions and challenges are the order of the day at the home, and we promise you’ll never be bored!


Supporting the nounous (carers) and organizing leisure activities for the children


Helping individual children with learning difficulties


Get to work where you’re needed, using your skills and talents

A placement at the Maison des Anges children’s home is great life experience in many ways. A stay with us is more than just an internship. It will enrich both your life and the lives of our children. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on afterwards to further education or training, or if you’re making the trip as a private individual. You decide how long you want to stay.

At the children’s home you’ll be living in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. In our simple volunteer rooms within the home’s grounds, you’ll have your own space that you can make your own while you’re here. In most cases you’ll even have wifi. The best thing is that we have a number of rooms, so you’re welcome to come with a friend. In fact, we encourage it!

If you’ve any questions or would like to sign up as a volunteer with us, mail us at info@mda-haiti.ch or use the online form given below.


hours per week


What You Can Expect

Your help will change the lives of the children in Haiti
New contacts and friendships
An opportunity to broaden your horizons
An insight into another culture

What You Offer

You're at least 20 years of age
You can pay your own travel costs
You speak good school-level French
You can stay for at least four weeks

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Former volunteers

My first impression of Haiti was that, despite the huge volumes of trash – spread anywhere and everywhere – Haitians seem so incredibly joyful. They have such fantastic hairstyles and great clothes! Weeks earlier I’d quit my job, found a suitable foreign health insurer, organized a new credit card, and thought about what I really needed in a country like Haiti, and what I could do without. In the end, I came over with more toys than clothes! The children were bright, full of happy energy, and willing to get into all sorts of goofy stuff. My time in Haiti taught me a lot that made me grow and work on myself. It’s lovely that the children have a place that they can grow up in security and get an education, while still being able to be a child.

Lautana Jean-Michel

My trip to Haiti made a big impression. At first I had to get used to a completely different world. I wasn’t familiar with the Haitian mentality. While we try to squeeze as much as possible into the day, they take their time. I struggled with that initially, but ultimately came to admire their attitude. I spent the evenings with Gladys and her family, learning a little more about the country, the culture and its history every day. When I flew to Haiti I thought I’d be helping the children at Maison des Anges, but in the end the gifts were from them to me – their smiles, their love of life and their imaginations captivated me. It’s impossible to go to Maison des Anges without taking lasting impressions home with you.

Cécile Piller

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