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Construction of an artesian well

In the past, the children’s home had to buy in water. The water pipes are either broken or not fully functioning and temperamental. The children’s home uses around 4,000 liters of water every day. To save on costs and to improve flexibility with regard to water usage (because water means quality of life!), we joined forces with local workers to build an artesian well  at the children’s home.

Key project details:

  • The well produces one liter of water per second
  • Well depth: 50 m
  • Construction period: 1 month 



A number of conditions must be met to permit the construction of an artesian well. That said, the principle is a very simple one. To avoid the great cost of a high-pressure pump to bring the water to the surface, you drill into an aquifer in such a way that the pressure of the water on the sides of the well pushes that water upward. These aquifers are referred to as ‘confined’. However, for the pressure to be sufficient, there must be several points at which the water level is higher than the location at which the well is drilled.